Diarna’s digital preservation of sites and memories may be the only way to ensure untrammeled access to endangered Jewish sites (schools, cemeteries, synagogues, shrines, and other structures) across the Middle East and North Africa.

There is, however, a limited amount of time to document as many as possible of the sites and memories that are still extant, decades after communities have completely disbanded or atrophied, structures have decayed or been destroyed, and political strife has stymied physical preservation efforts.

What remains is in danger of being irrevocably lost.

Our team members, inspired by the project’s purpose, give generously of their time and talents, allowing for a most efficient operating budget.

The Slingshot Fund’s evaluators, in recognizing us for the second time as amongst the 50 most innovative Jewish projects in North America (2011-2012), praised how Diarna returns “a huge impact for each dollar invested.”


Whatever form your help may take, thank you, in advance, for your support.

Ways to Support our Work

  1. 1) Volunteer as a researcher, interviewer, videographer, technical developer, graphic designer, or translator

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  2. 2) Share site photos and memories

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Diarna’s parent, Digital Heritage Mapping, Inc., is registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the Secretary of State (Identification Number: 000985241) and Attorney General (AG Account Number: 052218), and recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID: 26-3288189) by the Internal Revenue Service.