Gulf Jewish Heritage Sites

In honor of the recently launched Association of Jewish Communities of the Gulf, the Diarna Geo-Museum proudly presents a preliminary exhibit of Jewish historical sites in GCC countries. The oldest Jewish community in the GCCis in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where there are sites that pre-date the advent of Islam and where Jews openly lived into the 1950s. Other countries hosted travelers and traders at various times, but scant physical evidence remains. For example, while a Jewish community is believed to have live on the island of Hormuz, today part of the United Arab Emirates, only a single gravestone found in the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah attests to a Jewish presence. Of the other countries: the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, and the Sultanate of Oman all have Jewish sites; Qatar has none. Of these countries, only Bahrain’s historic Jewish community has maintained its synagogue and public life continuously throughout recent history. The UAE is home to the newest Jewish community in the world and the 1st new Jewish community in an Arab or Muslim country in centuries. 

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Gulf Jewish Heritage Sites

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