From the Field: An Immersive Sites Tour

We are in the process of re-launching our online exhibits “D’fina: Jewish Treasures of Morocco” and “Ezyara: A Journey to Jewish Iraqi-Kurdistan.” Both exhibits are the results of three expeditions, made possible with the generous support of the Cahnman Foundation. We present here a preliminary selection of panoramas from Morocco and Iraqi-Kurdistan.

Women caretakers of the Synagogue: Ighil’n’Ogho (Tallouine region), Morocco

Directions: Click on the “Tour Itinerary” button on the top left side of the map below to reveal a drop-down menu listing each site. Click “more” underneath any site to reveal additional information. Clicking on the site’s name will launch the panoramic tour. You may also launch the panoramic tour by clicking on the map’s blue place-markers. In that case, though, it is recommended you zoom in over Morocco or Iraq in order to differentiate sites. Once inside the panorama, you can navigate 360 degress on the right-hand side of the screen, while the left-hand side shows the map of other panoramas on the tour (there are presently 34). Check back for new additions in the coming weeks. Note for Iphone and IPad users: The tour map below may be visible, but speculate on the long-ago meetings of the community in Bamarne’s Jewish cave. In addition to documenting these precious physical reminders of Jewish life, we recorded hours of video interviews that will shed light into a world that lives on only in fleeting memories.