Tangier Cemetery, Morocco


Since launching, Diarna’s international team of volunteers has:


  • Documented over 1,250 sites from Morocco to Iran and beyond

  • Amassed thousands of photographs and hundreds of hours of video

  • Conducted 30 research expeditions (most recently to Kurdistan);

  • Presented at academic conferences (Association of Jewish Studies, Center for Jewish History) and in classrooms (“Jewish Cultures in the Middle East” at Harvard University’s Middle East Studies Center);

  • Launched D’fina, an online exhibit dedicated to uncovering the buried treasure of Jewish Morocco and the country’s hidden Holocaust history;

  • Launched Ezyara, an online exhibit focusing on the Jewish communities in the Kurdish region of Iraq;

  • Exhibited at public venues (“Mémoires AIU: Les écoles qui nous a façonnés” at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris); and

  • Written for or been featured in scholarly (Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World) and popular (MyJewishLearning.com) publications.